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Uniform Policy

Val Vista Academy believes that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a safe and productive learning environment. Students are required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness, neatness, and conservative standards of dress and appearance. We strive to create a safe environment in which each student can focus on learning, develop an awareness of others, develop character, self-esteem and good citizenship skills, instill respect and self-discipline. Student dress standards also promote a positive image of the school within the community and encourage students to uphold and enhance that image.
Val Vista Academy requires students to remain in uniform at all times while on campus. The official Val Vista Academy logo polo is the only polo shirt students are allowed to wear. Clothing may not contain logos or name-brand labels (NO DICKIES LABELS) other than the approved school logo on the uniform polo or specialty apparel (i.e. school spirit shirt). Appropriate logos may also be worn on coats and jackets. Examples of inappropriate logos include but are not limited to those depicting: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexually provocative or gang-related themes. Questions as to the appropriateness of school uniform items should be directed to school administration before purchasing. Compliance with the uniform policy will be measured and classroom and school-wide incentives will be given.
The prescribed uniform is as follows:
Plain solid navy blue or khaki bottoms i.e., long pants, Capri pants, or shorts from an official school uniform line may be worn. No other colors are allowed. Styles that may not be worn include but are not limited to: cargo, jean-style, riveted, exercise-wear, corduroy or denim material.
Baggy or tight fitting pants and shorts are not permitted. They must be fitted and worn at the waist (NO SAGGING).
Pants may be no longer than just above the sole of the shoe and may not be rolled.
Plain, solid belts in black or brown or solid uniform colors may be worn (no studs, designs, cutouts
or embellishments). Buckles may not be over-sized or highly decorative.
Shorts must not be shorter than 4” above the knee, or longer than below the back of the knee.
Girls may also wear skirts, jumpers, scooters, or skorts from an official school uniform line in navy blue only. They must be no shorter than 2” above the knee and not more than 2” below the knee. They must not have slits more than 2” in length.
All attire must have finished hemlines.
Only an official long or short-sleeved Val Vista Academy polo shirt in white, navy blue, or red maybe worn. The collar button may be left open and all other buttons must be fastened. Turtlenecks in solid school uniform colors may be worn.
Undershirts must be in solid school uniform colors only.
Shirts and undershirts must remain tucked in at all times, even outdoors.
Hemlines must be finished. Girls must wear shorts that do not show under their skirts and jumpers.
Polo shirts or turtlenecks must be worn with jumpers.
Clothing may not be baggy, tight, overly wrinkled, dirty, stained, torn, mutilated, or immodest.
Undergarments may not be visible or show through.
Coats, jackets, hooded and nonhooded sweatshirts and sweaters in SOLID UNIFORM COLORS are approved to be worn indoors and outdoors. Non uniform colored coats, jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters must be removed when entering the buildings. Val Vista Academy sweatshirts approved for wearing indoors are available for purchase.
Hats and hoods must be removed when in the classroom and/or buildings.
K-8 students may wear official Val Vista Academy P.E. T-shirts with uniform bottoms on the days they have P.E. or field trips. Exceptions to this requirement may be granted by the Principal or designee. Students must remain in regular school uniform the entire day until the start of their P.E. class.
Skirts are not acceptable attire for girls on P.E. day.
Shoes should be clean and offer protection to the feet. Tennis shoes, flat dress shoes, snug-fitting slip-ons and strapped sandals are approved. Flip-flops, backless shoes/sandals, boots, light-upshoes, “wheelies” may not be worn. Shoes must remain securely strapped and tied if designed to do so.
Matching socks in red, white, navy or black must be worn at all times. Girls may wear tights in solid uniform colors. Leggings are not allowed.
 Sunglasses are not permitted on campus without the principal or principal’s designee’s permission. Such permission is granted only in religious and medical circumstances or during P.E. activities.
Jewelry must be simple and complement the uniform. Jewelry is not to be of the body piercing type except earrings. As a safety consideration earrings may not be over-sized, long or dangly. Multiple earrings, bracelets or chains may not be worn. Students may not wear heavy chains or medallions, such as studded, or wallet types.
Boys are to be clean-shaven. Faddish or distracting hairstyles, facial hair, or haircuts, including, but not limited to Mohawks or unnatural coloring are not allowed.
Girls are also prohibited from faddish or distracting hairstyles, haircuts or unnatural coloring.
Hair must be worn off the face.
Distracting headwear is also prohibited.
Nail coloring must not be dark or distractive, and must be neatly applied and maintained.
No tattoos, temporary or permanent are allowed.
Exceptions to the uniform requirement are permissible when approved by special announcement from the principal or designee for a particular activity such as Dollar for Duds Day, Casual Dress Day, or certain field trips. ALL students still must show proper attention to neatness and conservative attire. Shoulders must be covered and shorts/skirts must be the appropriate length. Students are expected to follow appropriate dress and grooming standards at all times as outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook. Students arriving at school in inappropriate attire will be subject to consequences for the dress standard violation.
Inappropriate grooming/attire is not limited to that listed above. Staff will refer questionable clothing/grooming styles to the administration for final determination of appropriateness.
Students have the opportunity to earn monthly “casual dress” days. Monthly school-wide compliance goals are set and met by consistently adhering to the school uniform policy.
During the course of a school year, students who do not comply with the dress and grooming standards will face the following consequences:
Minor Infractions (easily remedied examples: shirt not tucked in, shirt unbuttoned)
1st Violation- Verbal warning
2nd Violation- Written notice of uniform non-compliance sent home
3rd Violation- Written notice of uniform non-compliance sent home
After-school detention or in-school service assigned
*In-school service duties will depend on the needs of the school at the time of the violation. Duty may include, but is not limited to: trash pick-up, lunchroom cleanup and sweeping.
Major Infractions (not easily remedied: out of uniform, no socks, incorrect color/style)
1st Violation -    Removed from classroom and sent to the office
                              Written notice of uniform non-compliance sent home
                              Parent phone call with the following options:
Utilize change-out room if clothing is available*
Bring a clothing change for student
Pick up student
2nd Violation -      After school detention
*Based on clothing availability, parents may opt to have their children change into a uniform from the Val Vista Academy Health Office that the student will wear for the remainder of the school day. All articles of clothing from the Health Office are the property of Val Vista Academy and must be returned.