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Val Vista's Program

The program at Val Vista Academy differs from those offered at other public schools. While the major objective is to provide an excellent educational experience for your child, we believe the process used to achieve excellence varies widely from school to school. With this in mind, our school is different for many reasons.

Shared Decision Making - Val Vista Academy has adopted the Ball Foundation's School Design Collaborative (SDC). SDC facilitates shared decision making among all school stakeholders, including parents, teachers, administrators, staff, and students for the purpose of increasing student achievement and parent satisfaction.

Professional Development - Regular and sufficient time is provided for teachers and administrators to develop skills, further their learning, and work collaboratively with colleagues. Teachers, working in grade-level teams or content teams, use professional development time to plan for instruction, interact with parents, and participate in ongoing training.

Student as Individual and Teacher as Facilitator - Each student has unique talents, skills, interests, and ways of learning. Recognizing that fact, teachers at Val Vista adapt their instructional practices to meet the needs of individual students.

Community Collaborations and Volunteers - Val Vista's volunteer program strives to foster a closer relationship between the schools and the community. Volunteers work directly with students in the classrooms and serve on teams involved with the development and implementation of school programs.

Technology - Our school is dedicated to ensuring that students learn to use technology and that teachers and staff use technology to improve strategies for tracking student progress and reporting to parents.

Market Research Response - The school receives regular feedback from constituents, mainly through parent satisfaction surveys given two times per year. This feedback is used to create and direct student programs, communications, and operations.

Emphasis on Early Grades – Val Vista Academy commits extra resources, including personnel, so that we can build success and avoid later remediation.

Focus on Literacy – Our school-wide literacy focus helps to ensure strong proficiency in Reading, Writing, and Grammar.

Regular Homework - The purposes of homework are: (1) student drill, practice and study; (2) to help students develop personal responsibility; and (3) to inform parents about what and how their children are doing at school.

Discipline- Val Vista Academy's school-wide discipline program is based on the "Three B's": Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible. We expect high standards of dress and behavior.

Accountability- Exams, grading, and reports are essential so that each student may come to know his or her own gifts and limitations. Classrooms are balanced to encourage accountability, but we teach to a higher standard and expect that all students will achieve.

Our program is designed to challenge the intellect as well as to teach fundamental skills. We believe that this program helps students develop a sense of pride and strong self-respect.