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A Look At Technology Lessons



Here is an example of a monthly lesson plan for technology class:

Cyber Safety/Digital Citizenship Focus

K-2:   I can tell a  trusted adult if I see something on my device that makes me uncomfortable

3: I have responsibilities as a digital citizen

4-5: I can assess situations in which it is appropriate and safe to use a personal digital device



Keyboarding Focus


K/1:  I can use the mouse/trackpad to perform computer functions

2: I can understand keyboarding techniques

Keyboarding standards for 3rd-8th grade are as follows (all are with 80% accuracy)

3rd: 5 wpm  4th: 10 wpm  5th: 15 wpm  6th: 20 wpm  7th: 25 wpm  8th: 30 wpm


K: Mouse Practice  

1: Mouse Practice

2: Understanding Keyboarding Techniques using Dance Mat as a class

3: Dance Mat at own level focusing on different keys each time

4: Typing Master Homerow review

5: Typing Master Homerow review, C and Comma



Activities/Skills Focus:

K-3:  I can use digital creativity tools to develop ideas and create a project and publish my writing

K: starfall books

1/2: all about me/storymaker

3: all about me/letter writing

4: I can use digital resources to gather information and create a project-Power Point on Arizona Plants

5:  Power Point on Body Systems-same standard as 4th.

CODING 2nd-5th Grade:  Standards:  Use models and simulation to explore complex systems and issues.  Troubleshoot systems and applications.  Understand and use the basic steps in algorithmic problem-solving.